​We Stock a full range of stand up paddle boards and surf boards to suit every rider's size, and ability.

 Hourly SUP Board Rental $20 U.S.
 Daily SUP Board Rental $60 U.S.
 Daily Surf Board Rental $40 U.S.
Hourly SUP rentals are available for delivery to BBC (Morne Rouge) Beach or Lance Aux Epine Beach.
Rentals include an adjustable paddle to fit any height of paddler.
Delivery and pick up of daily rental boards is free to any location within 15 minutes of Grand Anse Beach. 
All  rentals are required to show photo ID and sign a waiver, rental agreement. Daily rentals must provide a $200 U.S. deposit before renting any boards.

Novice paddlers will recieve a free safety briefing, and dry land lesson upon delivery of the boards.

*We do not rent SUPs for surf without the paddler first demonstrating a moderate degree of skill.*


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