Do I need to be a strong swimmer?


You should be comfortable in the water, and while you are learning, chances are, you will fall off your board. You won't end up too far from your board, but will need to swim back to it. You should be able to swim 10 meters without difficulty.



Will I fall off the board?

​If this is your first time on a stand up paddle board, chances are you will fall in a few times, but don't worry,...the water is warm and soft!



What should I bring?

​You don't need much. Leave your camera, since we will e-mail photos of you out on the water. Wear your swim suit and if you want, a rash guard or T-shirt to protect you from the sun. Polarized sunglasses are great to help see through the water down to the reef, but only bring sunglasses with a strap. A hat to protect you from the sun, but again make sure it has a strap.

Is it like kayaking?

Kayaking is fun too, but most people find an SUP much more enjoyable, hence the massive growth in the sport. You'll get a total body workout with an SUP and engage many more muscle groups than you would in a kayak. If you suffer from a sore back, it is much more comfortable to be standing on a board rather than sitting. From the standing position, you can see into the water, and all around better than you could from a kayak.

Should I tip?

It’s our SUP Instructors/Tour Guides responsibility to make sure that you have the safest and most fun experience on our beautiful waters.  They will teach you a lot and make your time with us a memorable one.  It is not required for you to tip them but it is a welcomed gesture to show them your appreciation if you feel they have done an outstanding job.


Is there a minimum or maximum age or size to take a stand up paddleboard (SUP) lesson or tour?

 We like to say that ages 8 to 80 is the perfect range for our paddlers because once you know how to swim and in good physical health, we will get you going in no time. We have boards that can handle paddlers up to 320 lbs.




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